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 The second of my races for my gonzo kitchen sink campaign using the Black Hack. Inspired by the almost no information on Diesel Dwarves from Ultra Violet Grasslands. As most players know, in my campaigns goblins blow up when they die (sometimes causing a violent chain reaction of more goblins blowing up). I got the idea that the dwarves have lost their black goo to make diesel, so all their contraptions are laying around rusting. But they still mine black rock and make coke out of it. Some dwarves got the idea to take hydrogen to make synthetic diesel from the coke, resulting in the bio-reactors being goblins. It all went sideways. 

Now they are stuck in the steam tunnels under the city keeping the heat going, and machinery under the city. Reduced to mere steam engineers unable to run their awesome and inspiring diesel contraptions in a constant war with the goblins. The first level of the megadungeon under the city will be the Coke Dwarf enclave, and should allow for an interesting dynamic of two or three different factions int the first level of the dungeon. Sort of a buffer zone between the city and the dungeon. 

Without further ado, the Coke Dwarves. 

A sad shadow of their ancestors, the Diesel Dwarves  of the Seven Kingdoms, Coke Dwarves are sour, dour, and downright smelly.

Genderless, and about as wide as they are tall, they now make their way in the steam tunnels under the city and river. Prone to hold grudges even while mining black rock to  furance into coke amongst their numerous beehive kilns to run the different steam plants under the city. 

A few wide eye dreamers yearn for finding another source of black goo to apply nearly forgotten secrets to squeeze the pure quality diesel. Once they find a font of black goo all will better anad they can stoke forth the engines of power and reclaim their legacy. All Coke Dwarves are prone to Dwarven Greed.

Coke Dwarves can rise to 6th Level as Warriors. At 6th level the Warrior may become a Forgelord or a Grudge Captain by gaining enough expierence to become 7th Level. During character creation step B Swap Two Attirbutes, the Coke Dwarf must swap a stat such that Charisma is the lowest score. This be done to either set of abilitiy scores generated, but the end result must be Charisma being the lowest score.   

All Coke Dwarves have a noxious ordor about them, some describe it as rotten egg sulfur smell, others as a powerful sour bitter tang like boiling piss. The dwarves themselves don’t seem to notice the smell. They possess the ability though to smell precious metals, black rock and goo. 

They are able to see well in Dim light and very comfortable underground. They roll advantage on all Dungeon Exploration tables while underground including secret doors, stuck doors (page 73) and traps (pg 72) and panic (page 37). 

Coke Dwarves tend to have a huge animosity to Goblins. Some have postulated that the eariest Forgelords created the goblins as expierement to obtain the combustiable gas that enables the transformation of black rock into diesel, but that something went wrong with that process. The remaining Forgelords and Grudge Captains usually call forth a tooth breaker if asked about it. Usually Goblins will roll at disadvantage on creature reactions (pg 31) and will never fail morale against a party containing a Coke Dwarf. 

At character creation in step D, make a background, the Dwarf must spell out their Greed, which is thing that the Coke Dwarf  desires most and will do almost anything to obtain. The referee may force the character to make a WIS test at disadvantage to resist the effects of the Greed. 

Coke Dwarves claim they are formed from the bowels of the earth and generally do not serve either the Stewards of Law or the Lords of Chaos.  

Coke Dwarf Warriors may replace their starting equipment with the following choices:

  • A - Chain Shirt (AV2), a Dwarf War Pick, Hand-Cannon, Ud6 Ammo and powder, Riveted Steel Cap (+1 Armour Die), Coke Lantern (Ud12, Noxious), Map to Black Goo Strike, 2d4 coins
  • B - Hide Harness (AV2), Two Handed War Maul, Book of Grudges, Goblin Tuning Fork, neon glowing hair dye, 3d6 coins

Replace the war trophy roll with the following table:


Eloborate face tatooes 


A steam valve wrench set, lovingly oiled and maintained 


Vial of Urrock powder, glows a bit in the dark 


Giant bronze medallion on thick steel chain for Local 432.(+1 Armour Die, can only be repaired at Dwarven Forge of Local House)


Stainless Steel Firkin of Sour Forthy Ale 


Pyrite  Multifinger Rings one for each hand, spelling out Tooth Breaker in Dwarven. 

Once a Warrior becomes a Forgelord, they may start learning and seeking the ancient rites and mysteries of forging magical armor and armament as well as the secrets of the rusting diesel contrapations. They also obtain a White Hot Stave of Office. 

Once a Warrior becomes a Grudge Captain, add the number of Moments since Initiative was first rolled to all damage the Grudge Captain deals. 

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 The second of my races for my gonzo kitchen sink campaign using the Black Hack. Inspired by the almost no information on Diesel Dwarves fro...