Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why would I ever or why torch and sword is one of the most underrated games

Why would I ever pay 87.85 for This when I can get something that is better written, less confusing and essientially a leaner, meaner, sleeker version for free. Paul Gormon's torch and sword is the most underrated retro-clones out there. Like others I have managed to acquire an ok or decent version of the LBB. While I was in the mind to make a true text copy in pages for my own use, not sure I need to. Paul's version is the truest that I have seen, has awesome appendices and reorganizes for easier use. His terse to the point style is refreshing, and is reminiscent of Moldvay's style. Much better than the original quite frankly and he doesn't feel the need to add what is missing. For my money it hits the mark for what is needed if someone wants to play OD&D. I like Moldvay too but at the same time as I grow older I like the elements of the original (although I do like my own 2d6 combat better than anything else out there) better than Moldvay.

Paul's magic sword pamphlet is nifty too and better than most supplements out there.

Thanks Paul keep up the good work!


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