Friday, March 30, 2012

Thinking about trying out a G+ game some time

I am really intrigued about G+ gaming. When I was in Japan I did some voice Skype gaming - it was good but not awesome, and then the Ebisu Game Club managed to form so I didn't need it. But I was thinking it can be hard to find old school gamers, I was thinking about trying out Constacon.

Anybody got any tips for a non-technophile like myself? Interested in how maps would work, I heard of Twidda but not sure how easy or user friendly it is. Before I dive in I wonder if any of the blogosphere knows some tips and tricks.


  1. Twiddla looks like it has potential, and I still need to try out Tabletop Forge, which is an app specifically designed for G+ Hangouts, but is still in development.

    So far, though, we haven't really needed maps, and you can enter hyperlinks in the chat window, so people can go view images in their web browser there if you want to show them something.

  2. Like Gwydion said, twiddla works for quick sketches. In the game I played in last night I was the mapper, and I just held it up to the camera to check it with the DM and to show the other players. Once we figured out the optimal distance (so it wasn't fuzzy), it worked fine.

    As for any technical requirements, a camera and a microphone and speakers. And the camera is optional. Nice, but not really necessary. I got a cheap one ($30) at best buy. I'm thinking about getting headphones with a mic in stead of using the built in mic on the camera.