Friday, March 23, 2012

No Posts for a while plus an open letter to IKEA

I am engaged in a project of a different nature than Flaming Canyons of the Transfigured Dawn. A project involving many small pieces, not one but three flat packs and an engaged 6 year old that wants to help as well as get said project completed before I have to travel for work for a week.

But in the meantime I have a real question for IKEA: why the fuck would you decide to put brackets and screws that measure fractions of milimeters on the end of a bedframe where you have less than a half an inch clearance to fit a screw driver. Who decided that was a good application in this situations. Either than or the Swedes have tiny f'ing elf hands and pixie size screw drivers. A gold ole American dewalt power screwdriver (6AMPS!) was able to simultaneously strip these diminutive fey screws from the Nordic lands and get those suckers in at the same time. I only managed a little damage to said bed. No one will notice with a bit of touch up paint.

In the meantime I am on step 6 of a 3 digit step process of assembling this bunk bed which took three trips to the big blue and yeller CF of a store. Brian was really helpful though they should give him a raise.  Between that and work next week there will little posts.

Though I am working on some psionics. I always wanted a decent psionics system in my game. It helps capture that Sci-Fan feeling like you get in PERN and other such works that I think of when I think of the late 70's and 80's of my youth. Peace to all, except for little bastard elves from the lands of the midnight sun that have the tiniest hands ever.

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