Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm Back!

Well just returned to blazing Houston after having to deal with snow in Wyoming. Nothing game related (I don't have my personal computer while travelling) - but I did get to read a lot of blogs, and some older articles on Zak S.'s website that made me look at some things in a new light - especially XP's. I also learned about Corcosa (how I didn't know about this just shows how insular I was before I started reading some blogs). Not sure I will pick it up, but all the discussion is interested. Wondering if it was a new product, something that was different; is my D&D Mine just another sci-fantasy game world? And if so, does it matter, really, since 0E was a lot about mashing all that stuff together anyway?

Peace and glad to be home,

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  1. Welcome back. We're finally getting some spring-like weather in Busan.

    I still haven't picked up Carcosa, but it does look interesting. One of these days... As far as I know, though, it's not a new game, just a setting for OD&D.

    As far as your "D&D Mine" goes [should we refer to it as D&D Yours?], does it matter? I mean, I slapped my version together a few years back just for my own personal gaming purposes. I could release it if I wanted to (would need to file off a few serial numbers first and swap out all the older edition art I used to decorate it). But I wouldn't expect anyone to do more than just cherry pick things they like from it. In fact, it would maybe be best if I just made a "houserule" document and said, "Use BX, BECMI, or the RC, and anything here supercedes whatever's in those rules."