Saturday, March 17, 2012

Business Card Character Sheets - Demonstration of Low Impact - High Fun Gaming

I finally found a use for all those extra business cards that I don't need when I switch jobs. One of the great things about B/X (my preferred system) or S&W Whitebox (my second perferred) is that the characters are so simple, yet allow for so much characterization. While sitting waiting for my car to be serviced, I took one of the business cards, and using the dicenomicon app on ipod touch - whipped up Azemol the Archer in like 10 minutes.

What's more when I think about Azemol - his stats would point to a thief or halfling - both of which I frown upon for different reasons for Flaming Canyons of the Transfigured Dawn. But with the chaotic nature of the communities in the canyons, I soon saw that Azemol was a survivor. With his higher dex, con and cha - here was a guy who was making his way through the various communities in search of adventure. Personable enough to make his way through the small villages and communities without ruffling too many officials. With his long bow a bit of poaching gets him by, and he is pretty tough (rolled a 5 for HP out of 6, for a total of 7 for a fighter  with his Con)- in Flaming Canyons Fighters have D6+1 HP). Neutrality seemed like the logical choice for his alignment.

Equipping him, I thought that an archer wouldn't want a shield too much. So instead with his higher dex I went for the two weapon fencer type of sword and dagger. In Flaming Canyons this means when he hits he will get to roll 2D6 and take the best one. I also bought him a silver arrow. He either knows that wererats are semi-common in some of the ruins, or I like to think that a sibling of his bit the dust facing off against something that was only hit by silver, making him a bit superstitions.

Still need to work a bit on spacing on the buisness card, if I had made a thief or a magic user not sure I would have enough room for spells or theify type skills. But I think I could make it work. In play I would use a separate card for making notes, keeping track of turns and resources. Poor Azemol didn't have enough coin for tinderboxes or torches meaning he will have to be friendly with someone who does (but with his Charisma - he seems like the kind of guy that is able to borrow something pretty easy from his friends). Or potentially the next character will have to be a cleric of the Cleansing Flame.


  1. Good idea. Too bad for me, my old radio station business cards are double sided, English on one side, Korean on the other.

  2. Azemol feels like a ranger type, I like that I can do that on b/x without having to pick a class, be restricted and have that come out in play. Hopefully in play he won't have the luck you had in the canyons.

  3. Love this. I think it would work fine for a thief, but a magic-user clearly needs a separate page for spells. I've seen character sheets as a small stack of index cards with a paper clip before, and that works pretty well (especially when PCs start acquiring retainers and more complicated items). It allows the character sheet to grow in complexity as needed (one card is usually enough for each level of spells, for example) and also allows things like items and retainers to be transferred between PCs or players and referees as needed without any rewriting.